TWC Breach

TWC Breach

So… this happened. A web developer for Time Warner Cable left data files unprotected on an Amazon Web Services machine.  It held personal information on four million TWC subscribers.  Possibly including me?

They won’t tell me.

I had an interaction with their customer service desk which included the rep telling me it was “fake news.”  In spite of the fact that Time Warner has acknowledged the breach and stated that they are investigating.  Then they generated a “ticket”, but I have received exactly zero communication about that.

Companies that have a data breach have a legal obligation to notify the affected people, but that has various deadlines, mostly measured in increments of months, 30, 60, 90 days.  I suppose I will hear from them eventually, but I did not appreciate being told it’s fake news, and I did not appreciate being fobbed off with a (probably) fake ticket number.

More on this when I get more.

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