Who dropped the ball on telling me about this last year?

This is the only show of this genre I have ever seen where the tech discourse is, at least, plausible.

No spoilers please. Catching up through S1.

3 thoughts on “Mr_r0boT.wpp

  1. My bad…. I watch so many things, so many of them just fluff, I never thought to mention this to you. Heads up, there are buried easter eggs Mr.Robot.

    on to new shows, we just watched the first two episodes of a new Netflix series entitled “Stranger Things”. I’m reminded of the feeling I got when starting the X Files. Don’t know if you have Netflix, if so, it’s worth a try.

    1. We binged Stranger Things this weekend. Jill liked it, I did not.

      We’re now through S2E1 of Mr Robot. I need to go back and get a still of that QR code in his notebook.

      1. Julie was “What are you doing?” Pulling up my QR scanner!

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